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Gunshots escalates tension in Dabaab refugee camp following protests

UNHCR offices at Dadaab refugee was attacked on Monday night by unknown gunmen in the wake of five-day protest by locals.

According to a witness, fifteen gunshots were heard outside early on Tuesday morning.

Harun Kamau, Dadaab sub-county commissioner said investigations are currently underway and will establish what exactly transpired.

No one was hurt but the tension levels have increased between the host community and the top UNHCR officials.

A group of leaders and elders led by Dmajale MCA Diriye Abdi, yesterday held a media conference where they stated that no activity will carry on in UNHCR until the institution replaces the head of operations at the Dadaab refugee camp, Jean Bosco and his assistant Ivana Unluova.

The local leaders and senior UNHCR officials are scheduled to meet today.

The host community has accused the UNHCR organization of firing Garissa county residents while workers from other regions of Kenya remain unaffected.

They also accused them of environmental degradation and are asking for compensation.

Operations in the camp have been paralyzed for the past five days as demonstrators demand to have their issues addressed.

The demonstration has affected food distribution owing to the security concerns.
Medical services have also been affected as most specialists live at the headquarters in Dabaab.

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