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Governor Roba lauds assembly over supplementary budget approval.

By NJ Correspondent:

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Mandera Governor Ali Roba giving his speech at the county assembly at a past event.

Mandera County Assembly have finally approved the supplementary budget after debate on the budget turned physical paralyzing assembly business for the last two weeks.

Members alleged the funds were meant for new projects ahead of the 2017 elections and shot down the budget earlier but backed on Thursday after governor Roba’s mediation pleads the funds were needed to address the prevailing droughts and settle pending bills.

Roba led administration received a clean bill of health after having sleepless nights for the last two weeks.

“Limited supplementary budget that will enable the Mandera County Government to deal with the drought that is currently ravaging the County was unanimously passed by Mandera County Assembly this afternoon,” Roba posts on his Facebook Timeline.

He said this has followed the passage of a motion by Majority leader Robow Hassan last week requiring the County Government to provide the required resources to save lives of both human and livestock to the county’s widespread drought situation.

However, the governor has earlier pointed accusing finger to council of elders and political nominees allied to the council for influencing the MCAs.

He said the rejection of the budget noticed in the past two weeks was nothing but politicization of normal assembly procedures by people allied to council of elders and the proposed political nominees by the same elders.

The Garre Council of elders dropped governor Roba and endorsed former administrator Hassan Noor Hassan to take his place in the coming elections but Roba broke ranks with the elders leading to the formation of a political group opposed to the elders under the banner firfirsa.

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