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Governor Nathif carries out a minor surgery on his cabinet.

By Abdiweli Adan

governor nathif jama addressing ecd graduands-nepjournal

Governor Nathif Jama addressing a past function.

Garissa Governor Hon. Nathif Jama has on Friday made a reshuffle on the top arm of his Government.

The changes which the Governor said will take effect immediately are the second since he first established his administration.

Ms Hubi Hussein Al-Haj was moved to Health and Sanitation swapping positions with Ms Saphia Sheikh Omar who will now head the Agriculture, irrigation services and Fisheries docket.

Livestock and pastoral economy was hived from the Agriculture and Fisheries portfolio and will be headed by Mr. Hajir Mohamed Dahiye.

The powerful directorate of County Affairs is now placed under the department of Finance, Revenue and Economic Planning where Abdihakim Sheikh Dayib remains the boss.

Mr. Idriss Mukhtar who was the first custodian of the county’s finances will now be in charge of the giant docket of Youth, Sports, Trade, Investment, Enterprise Development and cooperatives while Mr. Ahmed Aden Hire retains his seat at the ministry of Roads, Public Works, Lands, Housing and Physical Planning.

Mr. Bernard Wambua Nzau was appointed the County head of procurement taking over from Mr. Mohamed Bare Aden.

Nzau is a veteran civil servant who worked at the district treasury. He will be the secretary to the County Central Tender Committee whose membership include Dr. Sofia Mohamed Ahmed, Abdikadir Sugow Ahmed, Abdullahi Diis Hussein, Mohamed Hassan Mohamud, Rahma Dekow Omar, Abdinasir Sheikh Yussuf and Roble Said Nunow.

Others who retained their positions were Mr. Hussein Hajir, Education, Public service, Labour relations and information, Halima Haji Mohamed of Women affairs, Culture, Social services and libraries and Mr. Mukhtar Bulale of Water.

Mr. Saleh Yaqub also retains his docket of Environment, Energy, Natural resources, wildlife management and tourism.

The Directorate of County affairs under the Ministry of Finance will comprise a large array of activities including County operations, decentralized units, intergovernmental relations, special programs, ICT, Governor’s press unit as well as the management of county towns.

The changes come at a time when the Governor is flexing his muscles promising Garissa residents that it will not be business as usual in the New Year.

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