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Governor fetes talented group that stole the show at Mandera Jamhuri day celebrations

Students entertain wananchi at the event

By Farah Aden

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Governor Ali Roba (Center) hands over the trophy to the team’s captain. On the right is the headteacher of the school.

As Mandera yesterday marked this year’s Jamhuri day, Al-Shabaab and its terror activities dominated speeches by all those who spoke at the event.

In his speech, Governor Ali Roba alluded to a possible internal hand in the attacks successfully carried out by the dreaded terror outfit.

He urged parents to be wary of youth radicalization and promised that his administration will create opportunities for the youth.

At the celebrations, a group of young pupils from Gither primary school in Mandera west mesmerized the huge crowd with their wonderful acrobatic skills.

The awesome performance did not go unnoticed as the Governor made good his promise to engage the youth in meaningful activities.

After the celebrations, he hosted them at his offices and awarded them with a trophy. He further promised to support sporting activities in schools in the county.

“In as much as we are keen on addressing our county’s economic and security needs, we want to give these young people the support they deserve. We made a pledge to support sporting activities; Karate, gymnastics, drama, volleyball, netball and football to nurture fresh talent. As an immediate motivation measure, we awarded them with a trophy” said the Governor after awarding the  team.

The team was accompanied by teachers from the school led by the head teacher.

Governor Roba in a group photo with the team and teachers from Gither primary school.

Governor Roba in a group photo with the team and teachers from Gither primary school.

The students could not hide their joy at the recognition by the Governor and promised to be role models to young people in the County.

Students entertain wananchi at the event

Gither Primary school’s gymnastics team entertain wananchi at the event

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