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Governor challenged on use of County funds.

duale raising funds for bura-nepjournal

Majority leader presides over a funds driver in aid of Bura Girls secondary school in Bura, Fafi on Saturday. He helped raise Kes 16M

Five MPs want Garissa Governor Nathif Jama to account for the Sh7.5 billion the county received from the national government for the current financial year.

National Assembly Majority Leader and Garissa Town MP Aden Duale on Saturday asked the governor to explain how his administration had spent the development funds.

He said there was little evidence that projects had been implemented in the county, two years after the start of devolution.

His sentiments were echoed by MPs Abdikadir Aden (Balambala), Ahmed Ibrahim Abass (Ijara), Abdinoor Mohamed (nominated) and Elias Bare Shill (Fafi) who also asked ward representatives to hold the county government to account.

However, in a rejoinder, County Communication Director Abdikadir Sugow defended the administration against the allegations, saying the county government was open to scrutiny and had nothing to hide.

“We would like to tell MPs to accompany the governor as he tours development project in the sub-counties starting March 19.

“The county leaders have been grilled by Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission and the Senate, which gave us a clean bill of health,” he said.

The MPs, who were speaking at a fundraiser for Bura Secondary School in Fafi Constituency, claimed that Mr Jama’s administration was riddled with corruption and abuse of office.

“Resources of this county must be distributed equally and those given the county resources must be ready to account to the public how every coin has been spent.

“As leaders, our main responsibility is to change the livelihoods of our people for the better, through the proper use of their tax money,” said Mr Aden.

The county government had failed to provide basic necessities such as water and medical care with the funds received, he added.

Mr Abass said national leaders would always demand accountability in use of public funds, including leading residents in street protests to shame those misusing their money.

Not personal

“The county government must be ready to account for the Sh7.5 billion it was allocated. Our push for accountability and transparency in the running of our county affairs shouldn’t be taken as personal or politicking. We are just doing our job to ensure public money is used as intended,” said Mr Duale.

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