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Governor Anyang Nyong’o bans demonstrations in Kisumu

Prof Anyang Nyong’o, Kisumu Governor has stepped up to try and stop any future damages of property in Kisumu in the alleged reason of demonstrations.

The Governor has outlawed all demonstrations in the city except protests called by NASA. He said Kisumu has been targeted by a group of young citizens who take advantage of protests to demolish and plunder property.

“Raila Odinga has made it very plain that protests will only be held in Nairobi after meeting NASA governors and I was there,” he stated in an address to the media.

Nyong’o described actions by the youths who barricade roads, rob locals and pelt vehicles with stones during demonstrations as criminal acts

“Who are these people making decisions without consulting the party –ODM – directing them yet we have party leadership led by myself in this county?” he asked.

“Someone makes up their mind that they’re going to block roads, take money from women and rob our visitors. These are criminal acts!”

He appealed to the police to deal resolutely with those who go against the law adding that demonstrations must be in line with the legal rule.

“Protests must be nonviolent and not violence and thus we’ve told the police to deal with anyone putting stones on the road. Anyone assaulting a tenant living in Kisumu will be treated as a criminal,” Governor Nyong’o cautioned.

Investors in Kisumu have articulated their concerns in the recent past over the progressively more unfriendly business environment occasioned by unruly protesters who have had a trend of storming into private businesses during protests.


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