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Governor accused of bias in tender awards

Mandera Governor Roba

Mandera governor Ali Roba

Mr Jimaldin Adan Ahmed, who has been joined in the suit by 10 other county government officers, wants the court to order the governor “to embrace transparency” while serving the people of Mandera.

An urgent petition filed by Mr Mohamed Hussein Omar, Mr Mohamed Adan Dube and Mr Abdi Muhsin Yusuf, who have been enjoined as interested parties, claims that abuse of office is rife.

The petitioners, through their lawyer, Mr Steve Mogaka, told the High Court in Nairobi that the county government had violated the Constitution by not carrying out its duties openly and fairly.

The lawyer submitted that tender awards were questionable and that the court has the mandate to direct how best the money allocated by the national government ought be properly used
“Contracts are given to those who have connections with the office of the governor, thus denying other people their right to fair labour practice,” the lawyer told the court.

Lady Justice Mumbi Ngugi directed that the matter be mentioned before Judge Isaac Lenaola on April 10, to have the case merged with a similar petition pending for direction before the judge.

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Post source : Daily Nation

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