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Kenyan government places bounty on alleged Al-shabaab leaders

The Kenyan government in a bid to intensify the hunt on Al –shabaab leaders is now giving monetary reward for information leading to the arrest of Al-shabaab militia leaders.  In the past two years, the  kenyan government has placed more than $10 million on approximately 35 most wanted terror suspects.
Suspects such as Mohamed Mohamud aka Mohamed Kuno, a Kenyan Al-Shabaab leader is high up with a $2million bounty on his head. Mohamed has been linked to the atrocious Garissa University College bloodbath in which 147 people were murdered in April 2015.

Dulyadin Gamadhere and Mohamed Kuno have also been connected to numerous terror attacks in the state including the September 2013 Westgate Shopping Mall attack in which 67 people were killed. Gamadhere was killed in June 2016 in a US airstrike in Bardhere near Kismayu together with three other senior Al-Shabaab leaders.


There is another Kenyan Ahmed Iman Ali aka Abu Zinira, who is alleged to have led between 300 to 500 Kenyan fighters in Jaysh Ayman unit leader with a Sh2 million bounty on his head. He also has another $ 3million reward by the US government. He is accused of fronting thriving recruitment of youth into the militia group.

Hamisi Swleh Abdallah, wanted for abductions and terror attacks in North Eastern also has a Ksh 2 million bounty on his head. Others include the Jarso brothers who according to intelligence reports are members of the Jaysh Ayman. They are alleged to have been implicated, in among others, the Mpeketoni attacks in June 2014.

Abdikadir Mohamed Ikrima, Suleiman Irungu Mwangi, Gufu Tari Gufu, Mohamed Ebrahim Mohamed, Dahir Mohamed Dahir and Nicholas Karanja Mwangi described as Al Shabaab recruiters, all have a Sh2 million each placed on their heads. Ramadhan Kioko aka Pinji and former county employee Issa Adballah aka Kauni also carry a Sh2 million bounty each on their heads.

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