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Government lifts ban on NEP buses days after Curfew on counties was lifted and Money transfer companies allowed to operate again

By Farah Adan

sabrin bus stuck in mud

a bus operated by Sabrin bus service stuck in the mud in this file photo.

A few days after the government lifted the suspension of licenses of 13 Somali owned money transfer companies as well as the curfew on four Counties in the country’s North Eastern region, another affected lot have a reason to smile after they were as well given the green light to remain in business.

Four buses that ply different routes in north eastern whose licenses were also revoked in the crackdown by the government following the deadly Garissa University College attack have been allowed to officially resume operations but on strict conditions.

In a letter dated June 22 and whose copy Nepjournal has seen, the National Transport and Safety Authority has granted E-coach, G-coach, City to City and Sabrin bus services the authority transact business subject to their insurance licenses being reinstated as well by the insurance regulatory authority.

NTSA asked management of the bus companies to ensure there is a proper record of manifest for all passengers being ferried and that no passenger will be ferried without identification cards.

The order also requires them not to pick passengers on the way without confirmation of identification cards and booking them on the trip manifest.

The authority also wants a proper vetting of bus crew (Drivers and conductors) and asked for the introduction of adequate measures to check luggage.

In the aftermath of the April 2 Garissa University college attack in which 147 people were killed most of them students, the government released a list of 86 businesses and individuals linked with terror activities and suspended their licenses.

The entities were later summoned for investigations in Nairobi.

In his goodwill message to Muslims at the onset of the Muslim Holy month of Ramadan, President Uhuru Kenyatta directed security agencies to review security measures introduced by his administration to allow the faithful have a hitch free Holy month of Ramadan.

The attack and the resultant security measures introduced by the government brought the economy of the North Eastern region to its knees.

Most sectors of the economy are still reeling from the effects of the increased terror activities in the region with education bearing the brunt as teachers left the region en masse.



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