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Government Freezes 86 Accounts Used To Finance Terror


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Citizen TV can report that the government has frozen the bank accounts of 86 entities and individuals suspected of financing terrorism.

Through the banking order number 3 of 2015, the government has ordered all licensed banks and microfinance institutions to deny the 86 financial services and to file transaction reports with the central bank within 48 hours.

Impeccable sources tell Citizen TV that an inter-ministerial committee on counter-terrorism met today and resolved to take stringent measures to deny Al-Shabaab the resources to mobilize and plan terror acts.

The 86 are now on the government watch-list.

Citizen TV can further report that the government has suspended the licenses of 13 forex exchange bureaus and hawalas it accuses of financing terrorism.

Citing the proceeds of crime and anti-money laundering act of 2009, the government says the information obtained on the 13 institutions renders their business untenable as they accused of aiding economic crimes.

The sources tell Citizen TV that these are the first of tough measures that the government is taking to paralyse local terror networks.

The government has also ordered the immediate closure of all hawalas informal money transfer systems.

Citing intelligence gathered on hawala, it says the system through which millions of shillings are moved around the world daily is being used to fund Al-Shabab terror activities in the country.

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