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Girl, 17, succumbs to injuries sustained in hit-and-run car accident

By Suleiman Hassan:

Eastleigh North MCA introduces the girls hospital during the Eastleigh Business Sumit held at a local hospital on Saturday. He said they called him for help immediately after the accident.

Eastleigh North MCA Osman Adow introduces the two girls who took Fathi to hospital during the Eastleigh Business Summit held at a local hotel on Saturday. He said they recorded the Car’s registration number and called him for help immediately after the accident.

A family in Eastleigh has been left in agony after their 17-year-old daughter died on Sunday following a hit-and-run accident in which she sustained severe head injuries on Friday night near Jam Street.

Fathi Mohamed Hassan was hit by the speeding car as she attempted to cross the road near Arsenal building, Jam Street. She was running errands for her mother.

The driver of the saloon car whose registration number was captured as KAU 535X sped off from the scene in the 8pm incident which was later reported to Pangani Police Station. The car has since been found and the driver is now in custody.

Hafsa Mohamed, an activist and Secretary of Barwaq relief organization together with her colleagues Halima Hassan and Saadia Dahir rescued the injured girl and rushed her to Al-Amin hospital where she was receiving treatment until her death on Sunday.

When NEP Journal visited the injured girl in hospital on Saturday, Doctors said her condition was improving following a brain operation – craniotomy.

Her mother Amina Hassan Ibrahim said she received a call from good Samaritans informing her of her daughter’s condition on that fateful night.

She said her daughter sat for the just concluded KCPE examinations and the family cannot afford to offset her medical bill.

She therefore appealed to well-wishers for help.



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