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General Gabre criticizes President Farmaajo over disrespect on Ethiopian troops in Somalia.

By NJ Correspondent:

Haile Gabre, Ethiopian General has accused Somalia president Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo of disrespecting Ethiopian forces during his recent visits in Baidoa district of Bay region, Somalia.

The president visited the town to access the security situation and the drought-affected people in the region.

Gabre who serves as an official of the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) blames President Farmaajo for lack of respect for his forces who are backing Somalia forces to battle with Al Qaida affiliate group Al-Shabaab.

Ethiopian government have been following up with an invitation with state visits since the president was elected. Somalia presidential aides have a number of times denied rendering the invitation, an embarrassment to the Ethiopian government.

The disgruntled Gabre, though his official twitter account, posted the below tweet.

In a series of responses by Somalis, Gabre was stormed with criticism both online and offline as at one point he was called global flit.

Some saying Ethiopian forces are in Somalia illegally since they are not part of AMISOM peacekeeping forces.

Somalia’s internal security, through its  official Twitter account told off General Gabre to go home before his forced to move.

Gabre has always been accused of working against the peace in Somalia because violence is the best chance for him to intermingle with the internal affairs of Somalia.

Many nationalist and politicians have requested president of Somalia Farmaajo to declare Ethiopian secret service official Haile Gabre persona non grata in Somalia.

The move by Somalia president’s hurts Gabre who thought his business as usual in Somalia.

With the right president on board, Ethiopian’s policy of destabilizing Somalia seems to be overwhelmed by first expelling Gabre from the Country.

Already the government of Somalia have given out order to expel Ethiopian Embassy located in Villa Somalia.

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