GCOE’s decision to endorse Hassan Noor gets a big boost as their Weitan colleagues pledge support

By NepJournal December 15, 2016 21:40

GCOE’s decision to endorse Hassan Noor gets a big boost as their Weitan colleagues pledge support

By NJ Correspondent:

Mandera County gubernatorial hopeful and the Garre Council of elders endorsed Hassan Noor Hassan got a big boost today in his efforts to unseat the incumbent Mandera County governor Ali Roba after neighbors Weitan clans pledged support for his bid.

Elders from the Weitan side made the endorsement at a mammoth rally held by their Garre colleagues and their preferred candidates at the Geneva grounds in Mandera on Thursday.

Led by Sultan Mohamud Khalif, the Weitan elders who equally delivered their verdict this week said they fully stood with their Garre counterparts on the decision to endorse the former administrator as their preferred gubernatorial candidate and pledged their support.

“We join you here today to express our support and pledge to ensure our long term relations remain intact” Sultan Khalif to a round of applause.

Mandera Senator Billow Kerrow who led the caravan thanked the Weitan elders for the support and dismissed allegations that he was himself eyeing the county top seat. Degodia elders present at the function also pledged support for the GCOE endorsed candidate.

“Just for the records, there are folks desperately spreading falsehoods that I submitted myself to IEBC for the governor’s seat. I have no intention to run for any political seat, now or in future. I am not a ‘watermelon’ certainly and do not whisper in shadows.” Said the outspoken Senator.

Kerrow said no amount of propaganda will sway him from his efforts to ensure the community endorsed Hassan Noor Hassan is elected to office come 2017.

“I am now more convinced than ever before that the residents of this great county are determined to support negotiated democracy to enhance internal equity and our unity. Opponents can use every trick in the book but there is no stopping of team Moses.” Said Kerrow.

The Senator thanked Mandera residents for turning out in large numbers but lashed out at the county administration for trying to disrupt the rally.

Police used to tear gas at some point to disperse rowdy youth.


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By NepJournal December 15, 2016 21:40

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