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GCOE call for calm as case seeking their dissolution commences in High Court

By NJ Correspondent:


The Garre Council of Elders has called for calm among members of the Garre community as a case seeking their dissolution kick started at the High Court in Nairobi on Thursday.

Speaking after the case was adjourned for hearing early January, Chairman Ugas Alinoor Adan called on his clansmen to hold their horses saying the community will emerge victorious.

“Garre has avenues where aggrieved parties can channel their grievances, we have elders, religious leaders among others who can resolve any dispute, Court cases will only create disunity” he told supporters gathered outside the court.

On Wednesday,  a group of Mandera County residents not happy with the GCOEs’ decision to front a new lineup for the upcoming polls in 2017 filed a case against the body under a certificate of urgency calling for its dissolution and disbandment of their charter, arguing their mandate has expired.

The Council’s preferred candidate for the position of Governor Hassan Noor Hassan said it was unfortunate for those given the mantle by the community to turn against the very elders that saw them come to office in 2013.

“Those who filed the case are irrelevant, those we gave the mantle in 2013 are the real architects, it is unfortunate they are today taking to court the very body that helped them ascend to power” he said.

The former administrator was picked by the elders in favor of the incumbent Ali Roba who has since distanced himself from the clan decision.

MPs Adan Mohamed Noor (Mandera North), Mohamed Mohamud (Takaba) and Mohamed Adan (Mandera South) have since joined the ranks of Governor Roba, breaking ranks with the elders too.


Video courtesy of Saddam Mohamed.

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