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Gawasco analyzes their water provision services in Garissa

Gawasco Public Relations Officer, Ali Abdullahi Doll issued a statement on the unprecedented analysis of the water service provision in Garissa town.

In a long post on Face book, Mr Doll informed their clients that a team comprising of our staffs and the Governor’s office have concluded an unprecedented analysis of their water service provision by visiting various areas and interviewing residents across Garissa town.

The analysis is in a bid to personally assess the extent of availability and/or lack of water at the household level.

Mr Doll revealed that the team assessed plumbing work at Bula Bashaal that apparently had blockages in its supply lines.

The team also recommended further actions for Bula Tawakal as it had its supply cut off for years by an unscrupulous connection.

“We are assuring our clients that the blockage removal is an ongoing affair and our plumbers will work day and night to ensure the flow of water in all our supply lines are free of any blockages,” Gawasco said in a statement.

The team toured Madina where they interviewed the residents and identified a spot that required fixing and developed a course of action.

In Bula Riig, the team assessed the environmental and health concerns posed by a stream from a spillage from one of the leaking tanks at Garissa Water Treatment plant. Gawasco gave assurance that a contractor will start fixing it tomorrow.

In Burburis, the team assessed the extent of the vandalism on the control gate valves by residents doing illegal connections.

“It’s because of this that we ask the residents to desist from doing connections on their own. We also remind the residents that any connection not done by GAWASCO staffs is illegal and punishable by the laws of our country,’’ cautioned Gawasco.

They also fixed the connection problem in Hara Geel and Gestow.

Gawasco reiterated their dedication to supplying water to all the regions in the town even though they still have some major challenges such as expansion of the town, turbidity levels and the water treatment system.




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