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Garissa workers win petition against Garissa county government

On September 29th Garissa Governor Ali Korane laid off over 2,000 casual workers.

Governor Korane said there was no lawful backing for their employment under ‘ugatuzi na kazi’ project and that county has no means to keep on paying them.

The workers were initially employed by former Governor Nathif Jama to perform manual jobs including bush clearing.


“Sadly in the establishing the initiative, the former administration failed to meet proper structure for monitoring and supervision to determine their effectiveness in service delivery,” said the county communication director Mr. Abubakar Dayah.

The move was seen as mostly sabotaging a certain clan which was seen as the main beneficiary of the “ugatuzi na kazi” program.

The workers went to court to ask for their dues. The case was presented before Hon Justice Monica Mbaru on the 7th. The Judge ordered that the respondent has to pay the petitioner for the work done. In a court order exclusively seen by NEPJournal   , the order stated “That respondent to pay petitioner for work done and by lapse of 2nd October 2017 to be put into account. That the respondent has three days to file further affidavit “

The court is set to hear the preliminary objection and petitioner’s application all in one on the 13th  November ,2017  at 11am .

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