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Garissa, Wajir and Mandera gubernatorial results disputed as defeated leaders cry foul

By NJ Correspondent:

Wajir County Senatorial candidate Abdirahman Jua speaks to the press on Wednesday as gubernatorial candidates Ahmed Abdullahi and Ahmed Muhumed among others look on.

Dethroned Governors in the North Eastern region have disputed the recently concluded election results which saw the ruling Jubilee party make a clean sweep across the region taking home top elective seats.

Wiper party’s Nathif Jama (Garissa), ODM’s Ahmed Abdullahi (Wajir) and EFP Hassan Noor Hassan of Mandera claimed the hotly contested polls were tilted to the favor of their opponents citing several electoral malpractices.

“There was widespread electoral malpractices especially in Mandera town and we will not accept this. IEBC officials were compromised. We know many voters did not turn up but ballot boxes were stuffed,” claimed Mandera county gubernatorial candidate of EFP party.

While the results for Garissa and Mandera have officially been released, Wajir’s provisional results put Jubilee’s Mohamed Abdi Mohamud ahead of incumbent Governor Ahmed Abdullahi.

Abdullahi who was elected on an ODM ticket in 2013 but broke ranks with most of the county’s incumbent MPs was joined by fellow gubernatorial candidate Ahmed Muhudmed to dispute the preliminary results of Wajir County.

The duo claimed bungled figures were submitted from several constituencies and asked IEBC to suspend the tallying process which they said being fed by ‘cooked figures’.

The trio are expected to seek legal redress in their bid to reclaim their seats.

They were all accompanied by other leaders in their respective line-ups during the press conferences held differently in the three counties.

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