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Garissa vets treat stray cow after call by good Samaritan

By Abdihakim Mohamed:

A section of Garissa town residents witnessed a rare feat on Friday after local veterinary doctors attended to a stray cow that a suffered vaginal prolapse.

The team comprising of doctors Mwangi, Siraji, Haret and Onle responded to a call by a good Samaritan Dr. Korio of Medina pharmacy who paid for the drugs and other materials used in the operation.

“The cow suffered for three days before we were called by Dr. Korio. I am sure very many people saw that cow in that state at prisons mosque and never bothered. All of us need to be concerned and care for these creatures” said Dr. Hare Hambe who also lashed out at the owners of the stray cows in the town.

Joyful members of the public converged at the site of operation to witness the rare occurrence.

Hundreds of homeless cows roam freely in Garissa town causing a lot of challenges to the locals including soiling roads and walkways as well as preying on small scale vegetable and fruit traders.

Most affected is Posta road where the Orahey open-air vegetables market is located and due to its proximity to the busy Suq Mugdi market.


The frail cow before the operation.

The cow prepared for the correction surgery.


Vets perform the corrective surgery

Vets perform the corrective surgery


The joy was evident after the operation as the cow’s new born calf couldn’t wait to cuddle with ease as the mother walked and rejoined the herd.

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