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Garissa University opens its door with a wrong footing

By Mohamed Shurie Hussein

Counties were created in order to centralize and bring services closer to the people and also create employment for the people living in that locality so that they can improve their living standards and eradicate poverty.

Institutions established at the counties should follow suit and show example by changing the lives of the local people. Unfortunately, this is not the case at Garissa University College in Garissa County.

It is shocking, absurd, unfortunate, unwanted and wonderful for someone to import and employ people from outside the county.

According to our sources, resident of Garissa are surprised and perturbed to learn that 70% of the workers at that University were imported from outside the county. According to the constitution, 30% of the employees should come from outside while 70% is to come from the locality.

It does not make sense and it beats logic for even cleaners and gardeners to be employed from outside the county.

So we are appealing to the Majority leader who is also the area M.P. Hon. Duale who has always turned with his people at times of difficulty and need who also has his people at heart and keeps in touch with them always to come up and speak for the voiceless people of Garissa so that they get back what rightfully belongs to them.

We also appeal and request the Hon. Governor, the Super Senator of Garissa County Hon. Yussuf Haji, all M.P.s and any other leader who has the interest of the people at heart to come up, intervene and bring sanity to that University.

It is our hope that things will come back to normalcy soonest possible.


Mr. Hussein is a concerned resident of Garissa County

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