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Garissa to host largest solar power plant in East and Central Africa

By NJ correspondent:

Mr. Simon Gicharu, Chairman REA, addressing the press in Nairobi.

Mr. Simon Gicharu, Chairman REA, addressing the press in Nairobi.

Residents of Garissa county have another reason to smile after it has emerged the town will soon be home to the region’s biggest solar power plant that will generate 55 megawatts.

This means Garissa will not only be connected to the National grid in the near future as a consumer but also as a contributor to the national power generation.

Speaking to the press in Nairobi, Chairman of the Rural Electrification Authority Simon Gicharu said the 55 megawatt plant will electrify the entire areas near the station and inject more megawatts into the national grid.

“55 megawatts is a lot of power. Therefore it will be connected to the national grid. It will also electrify the whole of those areas where the power plant will be located” said Mr. Gicharu.

The latest announcement is music to the ears of local residents who suffered years of perennial power shortages as the town is currently served by diesel powered power generators.

However, the national grid infrastructure has already docked in the town and the project is set to be launched soon.



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