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Garissa residents wary of poor water quality

By Hussein Ali, Garissa.

a tap gashes out muddy water in Garissa town

a tap gashes out muddy water in Garissa town

Many taps in Garissa town are totally dry while the few that have water are gashing out what could be ‘not fit for human consumption’.

Most settlements in the town are experiencing shortage of the priceless commodity despite the heavy rains that pounded the town over the past weekend.

Residents of the affected areas told Nepjournal that they have to trek kilometers to look for water as their taps are dry.

The most affected settlements include Bulla ADC, Bulla Gestow, Bulla Gaduud and Bulla Tawakal.

Whenever it rains, the local service provider Gawasco will appear overwhelmed as raw water from the river finds its way to household taps.

the transparent container tells it all

the transparent container tells it all.

As a result residents find themselves between the devil and the deep blue see. Taps are dry in most cases but when they come to life, the quality of water produced will make one scamper for his life for fear of water borne diseases.

“We have not taken bath for close to a week now, either there is no water or the water will make you more dirty because it is muddy” a furious resident told Nepjournal.

Gawasco has previously assured residents that the water is safe for consumption and that their color should not worry them at all.

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  1. mohamedamin

    it is nt unusual things t see this kind water in NEP its eaither poorleadership or wat? in mandera it s common that even taps ar block by mudy resident we ve the right t get clean water


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