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Garissa – Modogashe road destroyed by heavy rains

By S. Hassan

Maalimin cutoff 2

A section of the road swept by the rain water

Transport along the busy Garissa – Modogashe road has been paralyzed after heavy rains swept away a section of the road between Maalimin and Goreale making it difficult for motorists to cross the section.

This forced motorists to use an alternative route. Those from Modogashe had to make a U-Turn and take the long route of Modogashe – Habaswein – Dertu – Garissa.

Their counterparts from Garissa had to make a U-Turn also and take the same route from the opposite direction.

Maalimin road cutoff

the damaged road

Hundreds of residents have been stranded with some being forced to cut short their travel through the flooded road.

There was a hive of activity in the area as children turned the flooded section of the road to a swimming pool.

It is a case of from bad to worse for the residents of this area who are reeling from the effects of a prolonged drought as prices of basic commodities could skyrocket if the waters do not subside in the next few days.

passengers wade through a flooded section of the road

passengers wade through a flooded section of the damaged road


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