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Garissa minority clans Associations (GMCA) disowns Muhidin Ibrahim’s claim of Minority clans support for Duale.

By Nep Journal Correspondent:

Mr. Abdille addressing a past GMCA meeting in Garissa.

Mr. Abdille addressing a past GMCA meeting in Garissa.

The Garissa Minority Community Association (GMCA) has refuted claims by outspoken social media icon Muhidin Ibrahim alias Giggs Yule Moja who claimed chairmanship of GMCA and declared the group’s support for Majority leader Aden Duale.

Led by Mr. Hassan Abdille, who said he was the bona fide Chairman of the Garissa Minority Community Association, the GMCA officials said in a letter to Nepjournal that the body was a registered group in Garissa County with the Social Service department and has registered officials which they said did not include Muhidin.

They said Muhidin was not a member of the Association and now want him to apologize for using their name for his personal interest.

“He used Garissa Minority Community Association to suit his selfish interests and laud his boss since he is in the payroll of Duale,” said Hassan.

Muhidin said the minority groups living in Garissa recognize Duale as the pillar of peace, harmony and prosperity in the County and will not let him go.

He claimed that minority clans benefited from Duale’s leadership, both as an MP and Majority leader.

Muhidin who earlier told NEP Journal that minority groups in Garissa will stand with Duale and will register their votes in Balambala should Duale move there is considered by many as an ardent Duale supporter.

Abdille has refuted the claims instead saying the minorities will democratically vote for whomever they wanted.

He added that they were shocked as a team by the story because Muhidin ‘is not and has never been Chairman or an official or served in any capacity of GMCA’.

“His content of the article therefore is a total lie and a fabrication and never at any one time had the minority clans under the banner of GMCA supported Adan Duale.

Abdille said below were the bona fide officials of the group.

  1. Hassan Abdille – Chairman
  2. Ismail Ally – Vice Chairman
  3. Ali Aw Doll – Secretary General
  4. Ardho Mohamed- Treasurer
  5. Hassan Salim – Organizing Secretary

The association Chairman said they formed the group out of concern to help youth and less voiced people to get IDs, employment or engage in gainful socio-economic activities among others but not for political reasons.

In their response to the article carried by Nep Journal and a local daily, the Association wants immediate apology by Muhidin saying they will consider taking legal action against him if he fails to do so in the next seven days.


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