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Garissa leaders, security team call for peaceful campaigns.

By Abdihakim Mohamed:

From right is SUPKEM Garissa secretary Abdullahi Salat. File/Photo

Leaders from Garissa have called for peaceful campaigns during political rallies.

They urged political spirants, irrespective of their political party affiliations to urge their supporters from engaging in acts of violence during campaigns.

Leaders led by SUPKEM Garissa secretary Abdullahi Salat advised politicians to preach peace during campaigns for August polls.

This comes after supporters of Farah Maalim a heavy weight politician contesting on a wiper party ticket and his rival Aden Duale who is battling him on a Jubilee party ticket for the hotly contested Garissa township seat clashed Thursday last week.

Chaos erupted after youths allied to Duale chanted ant-Maalim songs storming Maalim’s supporters while they were addressed in a huge crowd.

This infuriated Maalim’s supporters who confronted their rivals turning the rally into a battle field before the police shots the air to disperse the crowds.

Garissa OCPD Aaron Moriasi said police are prepared to ensure peace, law and order during the election period.

He urged politicians to lead in matters of security as an example and warned anyone to engage in act of violence, the law will take its course accordingly.

Leaders condemned recent clash between the supporters of incumbent MP Aden Duale and his rival Farah Maalim former deputy speaker in Garissa during Farah Maalim’s rally in Garissa Ndogo.

The face-off for two giant politicians makes the seat hotly contested as each one of them contends confidence in winning the seat.

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