Garissa leaders preach peace in troubled Qabobey village

By NepJournal June 28, 2014 23:11

Garissa leaders preach peace in troubled Qabobey village

By Abdimalik Hajir.

Yussuf Haji, Nathif Jama and Shukran Gure

From right: Garissa Senator Mohamed Yussuf Haji, Governor Nathif Jama and Garissa Women Representative Shukran Gure when they visited Qabobey village on Friday June 27, 204 in a bid to reconcile the warring Auliahan and Abduwak clans. PHOTO/ABDIMALIK HAJIR NATION


Leaders from Garissa on Friday moved to the troubled Qabobey village in a bid to bring lasting peace between two warring clans, the Auliahan and Abduwak.

Led by the Garissa Senator Mohamed Yussuf Haji and Governor Nathif Jama, the leaders called on the two clans to restrain themselves and avoid further bloodshed as a result of what they said was ‘a small’ conflict between two brothers.

Mr Haji said despite sharing the same religion (Islam), the same Somali sub-tribe of Ogaden and being in a country that has laws, it was very unfortunate that people still killed each other for something that could be solved by relevant government agencies.

He called on local elders to use traditional means of solving any issues before they get out of hand to prevent the loss of innocent lives.

“We may have our differences but there were elders who used to move quickly to end these differences. Where are they now?” asked Mr Haji.

More than 10 people have been killed in the area, livestock stolen and property worth millions destroyed as a result of the conflict. Two weeks ago an old man was killed and others injured when they were ambushed while herding their camels.

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The Garissa senator, while reading the resolutions they agreed on last week in Nairobi, said he has written to the lands commission and the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) and the office of the President requesting them to help quickly solve land issues in the area.

Residents who spoke at the function expressed their dissatisfaction with elected leaders whom they accused of contributing in increasing tension among them.

“We blame our leaders and the government. Instead of solving the problems or showing us guidance on land issues some incite us against each other,” said Mohamed Abdi Dertu.

Garissa Governor Nathif Jama urged the locals to desist from taking the law into their hands saying concerned government agencies and county leaders will solve any land issues that may arise.

“Wait for the government to solve any land issues. You don’t have any business fighting over something you don’t control. You are brothers and sisters so live peacefully like before,” Mr Jama told residents.

Lagdera MP Mohamed Shidiye said Garissa residents want to fully benefit from the devolved system of governance noting that clan conflict will be a setback to development in the county.


“We have been marginalised for the last 50 years. We want to get maximum benefit from devolution. I urge my fellow leaders not incite people and instead preach peace,” he said.

Leaders present at Qabobey were the two MPs in whose constituencies the disputed village is claimed to belong, Mohamed Dahiye (Dadaab) and Abdikadir Omar (Balambala).

Others were Shukran Gure (Women Representative), Mohamed Shidiye (Lagdera) Abdinoor Mohamed (Nominated MP), Hassan Sheikh, the CEO of National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) and several Members of the County Assembly.

Dadaab Member of Parliament Dr Mohamed Dahiye said as leaders from the area they will sit with the lands commission and IEBC to diplomatically solve the boundaries dilemma that has been the source of conflict.

His Balambala counterpart Abdikadir Omar Aden urged locals to desist from killing each other and leave boundary issues to their leaders noting the land issues required good leadership.


– Nation



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