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Garissa leaders call for lifting of curfew ahead of Muslim holy month

By Hamza Yare

nathif addressing madaraka day in garissa - nepjournal

Garissa Governor Nathif Jama addressing residents of the county in this year’s Madaraka day celebrations

The government has been urged to lift a curfew imposed on Garissa and neighbouring counties in the aftermath of the deadly terror attack on Garissa University College.

Speaking when he led local residents in marking this year’s Madaraka day, Governor Nathif Jama said that the curfew has brought the town’s economy to its knees while at the same time curtailing the freedom of worship as enshrined in the constitution.

“While we support the war on terror, we call upon the National government to avoid inflicted more harm on innocent residents through curfews and police harassment especially at this time when the Holy month of Ramadhan is fast approaching” he said amid cheers from the crowd.

nathif joins dancers -nepjournal

Governor Nathif  Jama and his deputy (in black) Join traditional dancers

His sentiments were echoed by Women representative Shurkan Gure who said that Al-shabaab were enemies of the people since they were the root cause of all the problems facing the county at the moment.

“They have maimed and killed men, women and children, rendering many orphans and widows. They have made violence their ideology and are bent on destroying our country. We will not allow them to do that” said Mrs. Gure.

Acting county commissioner James Kianda said that he will take up the issue with headquarters in Nairobi and appealed to locals to cooperate with security agencies.

He added that plans were underway to recruit up to 300 police reservists to complement the National police service.

Police band entertain guests in garissa madaraka day celebrations-nepjournal

Police band entertains the crowd

The same call was also made in Wajir, Mandera and Tanariver who were also reeling from the effects of the prolonged curfew.


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