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Garissa Governor hails devolution as he leads County in Jamhuri Day celebrations

By Yusuf Korow:

Governor Jama and his deputy lead residents mark this year’s Jamhuri day at a ceremony held in Garissa primary school grounds on Monday.

Garissa Governor Nathif Jama has expressed satisfaction at the development strides made by the county since the advent of devolution.

Speaking at Garissa primary school grounds when he led the County in marking this year’s Jamhuri day on Monday, Jama enumerated achievements made by his government in the last four years in the different sectors including Health , Agriculture, water and Infrastructure saying there is improvement of livelihoods in the county as a result of devolution.

The Governor said 2016 was by all means a year of many positive developments and also varying challenges in the county,  recalling the high impact socio-economic development activities and projects  unveiled by his administrations when he toured the sub-counties.

In his speech, Jama said one unforgettable event was the visit he made during the year to the village of Hara in Masalani ward where he commissioned a water project for the village sourced and piped from a borehole at the river Tana, 15 KM away.

“It was indeed history in the making as the residents of Hara village tested clean, sweet water after more than 50 years of Kenya’s independence. No doubt, such a development could only have occurred with devolution – that indeed is the promise of devolution.” Jama said.

On education, Jama said his administration has equipped many schools and bought buses for others.

“We recall the joy that was in the faces of our daughters as they sang out their hearts to receive the buses.  In total we gave out 5 buses to different girls’ schools in Garissa, Hulugho, Saka, Dadaab and Dertu and this, will no doubt, contribute to the security of our girls and ease their travel requirements.” He said.

Also, on girl child education, the head of the county in his speech recalled the joy expressed by two girls from the county and their parents upon receiving scholarships from the county government. Fatuma Farah Mohamed and Hawo Mohamed Ahmed are studying medicine at Kampala International University in Uganda and the University of Nairobi respectively.

Jama also pointed out success in the healthcare sector saying it was the area most memorable achievements were recorded during the year.

He said cesarean section was being done in the sub-counties such as Balambala following the inauguration of a theatre at the hospital in May 2016.

“The achievement was simply historic and marked a new beginning for the people of Balambala who since independence had not known such a development. That indeed is the promise of devolution as the people of Balambala can now access such quality service at their doorstep” he said.

He added that, In another major development, His county in the month of October, was rated the overall best performing county with the most enhanced healthcare service delivery practices.

Garissa County scooped this prestigious award against 46 other counties, parastatals and departments for its efforts to increase deliveries in health facilities. The “Best Practices Awards’ top prize that  was given by the Ministry of Health (National Government) to the County for major innovations that had the effect of increasing skilled deliveries from 36 per cent in 2013 to 45 per cent in 2015.

In the same breath on health, Governor jama mentioned the notable result when the first C-section operation was undertaken by the health team in the Mudogashe hospital – a first in Modogashe.

Meanwhile, Governor Jama urged those aspiring for elective positions in the county to avoid creating enmity among local residents.

“Winning or losing an elective position is a matter ordained by God and should not be a matter of life and death. We should be civil in our campaigns, we should be very mindful of our utterances and we should preach peace and harmony as we meet and address the electorate.” He said.

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