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Garissa elders call for national discourse

Garissa elders have appealed to President Kenyatta to call for national discourse to help the country to heal after the long-drawn –out electioneering period.

The elders said the forum should focus on the proposed changes on the constitution and should unite leaders from the different political divide, the clergy, civil society and Kenyans at large.

The Kenya Farmers Federation Vice chair Dubat Amey led the elders during their press conference where they asked the government to find a solution to the problem Kenya is facing now.

They argued that the solution for the current problem lies in altering the constitution to a hybrid system.

“Most Kenyans are of the view that we change the constitution. It is the origin of all our troubles,” quipped Amey.

Mr. Amey also said that the country has never been so divided as right now.One section of the country is unhappy while the other half is celebrating.

He said the worse part of the division is the fact that the problem has now taken a deep ethnic dimension

During his swearing-in ceremony President Kenyatta said that he was a president of all Kenyans and he will endeavor to bring together the nation

NASA leader Raila Odinga ,however while addressing his followers at Jacaranda said that he will be sworn in as the peoples president on 12th of December.

According to Amey power sharing is not a lasting solution to the problems the nation is currently facing.

The elders asked the president to craft a cabinet that will be holistic and one which will reflect the face of Kenya.

The elders also appealed to Kenyans to embrace unity .


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