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Garissa County set to end cross-border conflicts

Garissa County will set up a security directorate that will work directly with the national government in managing cross-border conflicts.

Garissa Deputy Governor Abdi Dagane said the directorate will also tackle inter-boundary clashes, resolution between warring communities and peace building among neighboring counties.

Dagane spoke at a Garissa hotel when he ended a workshop on cross-border and peace building between district peace committees from Kenya, Jubaland, and Lower Juba.

He said the directorate will include elders from his county to resolve matters arising from border clashes in the three regions.

“We know security is not a decentralized task. What we are trying to do is to balance the national government to perk up security,” Dagane added.

He said all endeavors will be harmonized by the national government to make certain there is no conflict of interest. Garissa deputy commissioner Hiddi Galgalo said the national government will sustain their efforts because they intend to serve the inhabitants.

Galgalo said security is vital if the inter-border business is to thrive. He added that terror campaigns will be effortlessly handled with through such collaboration.

The conference was organized by Igad and the National Peace Steering Committee.

It meant to evaluate cross-border conflicts at the Kenya-Somalia border. It is also intended to share lessons and experience from border regions in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Ivory Coast.

The event also brought together peace representatives from Dadaab, Fafi, Hulugho and Ijara subcounties.

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