Garissa County ranks lowest in literacy level

Christine Siamanta
By Christine Siamanta October 13, 2017 15:55

The state of the counties report by economist Ken Gichinga has named Garissa as the county with the least educated people. According to the report, Nairobi County has the most educated people. The number of literate people in Garissa stands at 8.2 per cent and Nairobi’s is at 96.1 per cent.

Other north- eastern counties like Isiolo, Wajir, and Mandera also have relatively low literacy levels. Isiolo has 15 per cent, Wajir at 23.8, and Mandera 25.4.The national average is 72. 2. The report aims to give a holistic disclosure of the socioeconomic state of affairs across the 47 counties, while evaluating budding risks and opportunities.

The report listed Kiambu and Nyeri among the counties with the highest literacy levels. Kiambu has 95.4 per cent and Nyeri 91.8. It credited the continued investment in education. Turkana was named as the county with the highest rate of unemployment at approximately 70 per cent in contrast to the national rate of 42. There is a disparity between available and required skills.


In Isiolo, over 70 per cent of the skilled force is not officially in employment, as 85 per cent of residents can neither read nor write. The joblessness rate in Taita Taveta is 45 per cent and Machakos’ is 52. This is blamed on the lack of skills. Taita Taveta has a literacy level of 79.1 per cent and Machakos County, which has been considered the economic centre of the Eastern region, has 82.3 per cent.

The report says 83.1 per cent of the populations of Kisumu and Kakamega can read and write, but the level of unemployment is at 22.04 per cent in Kakamega and 12.5 per cent in Kisumu. Nairobi has the highest concentration of colleges, but has an unemployment rate of 14.7 per cent.Mombasa’s unemployment is at 15 per cent and literacy at 85.8

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Christine Siamanta
By Christine Siamanta October 13, 2017 15:55

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