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Garissa County officials absconding duty when governor is away

By Abdimalik Hajir

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Garissa Governor Nathif Jama. It has been revealed that some senior county officials abscond duty whenever they know Governor Jama is out of town. FILE PHOTO | NATION MEDIA GROUP

Some senior officials working with the county government of Garissa have been accused of absconding duty whenever Governor Nathif Jama is out town, it has been revealed.

This has led to the county being branded as a “mobile government”.

County Executive Committee (CEC) members and their chief officers are said to abandon the duties assigned to them any time the county chief is away for official duties.

This has prompted widespread complaints and protest from members of the public, with some lodging their grievances to the governor himself.

The county’s communication director, Abdikadir Sugow, confirmed that members of the public had, through his office, complained to the governor about laxity and lack of services by some of the county officials.


“We have received complaints that officials relax from their official duty any time the governor is not in town, but he is aware of this and changes have already been made,” said Mr Sugow.

He said the governor is not happy with the new revelation about the county workers, noting that the governor had now assigned his deputy, Abdullahi Hussein, the full mandate to supervise all departments whenever he is out of the county.

Mr Sugow said the deputy governor would go round and visit the county offices randomly to make sure Garissa residents get services from the county government.

“The deputy governor, who was recently approved to oversee all the county functions, will be going round to supervise activities and evaluate services delivered to the public,” he said.

Recently, the governor warned county officials that they would face the sack if they did not perform their work as required.


Source: Nation

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