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Garissa county launches Malezi Bora month

The Garissa county government has launched the Malezi Bora month in the objective of alleviating the health status of women and children in the region. Health executive Ahmednadhri Omar spoke about the project saying that it will consist of immunisation and deworming of children and vitamin A supplementation.

Omar said it will also include family planning services, antenatal care services and hospital deliveries for pregnant women. These are important services that have not been easily accessible to the women in the region.
Others objective sectors include nutritional and health education, screening, treatment and referral on malnourished children, pregnant and lactating mothers.
“This we know will boost child survival and development, as well as add to a county’s affluence,” Omar said in Garissa town.

Child mortality rates are relatively high in the region especially since health facilities are not evenly spread within the vast semi-arid region.
The executive appealed to civil society groups, UN agencies and other partners to support an education campaign intended to support pregnant women to visit hospitals to get specialized antenatal care and skilled birth delivery. Most in women in this region find it hard to access the hospitals on the required monthly basis and most of them end up giving birth at home and also skipping the monthly check ups.

In some cases pregnant women have died at home while giving birth and complications arose or on their way to the hospital.
This will not only decrease the threat of birth complications but also give women proper breastfeeding counsel and nutrition education, he said.
“Good health is a requirement for rapid socio-economic development,” Omar said.
“To this conclusion, we will keep on investing in infrastructure and workforce, both in numbers and technical aptitude.”
The subject matter for this year’s Malezi Bora month is ‘Afya ya Jamii, Ustawi wa Nchi.’

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