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Garissa county hit by recurrent water shortages

Garissa town has been hit by serious water shortage which has left the residents pleading with the government to intervene. The locals told the press that they spend most of their time searching for water and not as much of time on their businesses and other activities.

Mrs Habiba Ali Noor in Garissa Town’s Bula Iftin said many children are on the brink of dropping out of school to assist their mothers look for water many kilometers from their house.
“Most children are in jeopardy of being overrun by motorists as they look for water. We have a big dilemma in getting water and we see no helpful solution. We plead for the county government to take action fast and re-establish normalcy,” she said.

Mrs. Noor said every now and then inhabitants are forced to buy mineral water for cooking and other domestic use as taps have stayed dry for years.
“At the wee hours of the night you will see a child with 20-litre jerry cans looking for water. This predicament is getting severe and it is high time leaders get involved,” she added.
Mr Hussein Abdi recommended both the national and county governments to without delay get involved as a lasting solution is needed to finish lasting water crises.

He said the county has recurrent water problems even though River Tana is a few kilometres from the county’s borders.
Water was a campaign tool for political leaders in the run-up to the August 8 election with Governor Ali Korane vowing to stop the predicament in 100 days.
Speaking in his office on Saturday, Gawasco acting managing director Ahmed Aden said Garissa Town is growing fast, making it hard to supply adequate clean water to inhabitants.

He added that the continuing rainfall has made it hard for the Garissa Water and Sewerage Company (Gawasco) to clean the water to provide to locals.
Mr Aden said the county administration has been helpful and has given them funds to make certain residents get efficient clean water.

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