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Garissa County Governor Nathif Jama makes first public appearance since his election was nullified

Garissa Governor Nathif Jama

Garissa Governor Nathif Jama


By Nepjournal reporter

Garissa County’s embattled Governor Nathif Jama today made his first public appearance since his election was nullified by the court of appeal.

In a bid to reassure his supporters and the residents of Garissa at large that he was still in charge, the Governor organized a public rally at Garissa primary school’s play grounds.

The Governor sought to diffuse tensions that was building in the town as a result of the court ruling and appealed to his supporters and the residents of Garissa at large to remain calm and desist from anything that could jeopardize peace in the county.

He took issue with rumor mongers in the county reminding them that he was still in control and his government was intact. He expressed optimism that he will emerge victorious in the ongoing legal tussle.

He was flanked by the County’s Women M.P. Hon. Shukran Gure and Lagdera M.P. Hon. Mohamed Shidiye.

Shukran appealed to the residents of Garissa to remain calm as they were ready for any outcome from the court.

She urged the resident to remain united and never allow division along tribal lines because of politics.

Hon. Shidiye on his part appealed to the youth to desist from spreading hate speech and abusing each other on social media saying that it could trigger widespread animosity and violence.

The county commissioner Mr. Harun Khator who was also present appealed to the residents to remain calm saying that they were planning to organize a meeting with the youth in order to encourage them to take part in maintaining law and order in the county.



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