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Garissa County to foot medical bills of grenade attack victims

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Governor nathif visits grenade attack victims

Governor Nathif and his deputy visit grenade attack victims at the Provincial General Hospital, Garissa

The County Government of Garissa has pledged to clear the medical bills of Tuesday evening’s grenade attack victims in Garissa town.

This was disclosed by Governor Nathif Jama when he visited the victims at Garissa provincial General Hospital.

One victim who was seriously injured was transferred to Nairobi and the Governor said all his costs will be met by his Government.

Nathif sent stern warning to those out to cause terror in the town and asked residents to be vigilant and instantly deal with them.

“These cowards who hurl grenades at members of the public should be burnt alive because they don’t have any sense of humanity in them and have no good intentions for the county. I want all residents to be vigilant and on the lookout for any such people,” said Nathif.

The Governor visited the hospital to commission the construction of a 100 bed maternity wing and a modern 12 body capacity morgue at a cost of Kshs. 130 Million.

On the same note, the Governor today launched two other projects in the town. A one Megawatt generator worth Kshs 75M was installed to facilitate the distribution of water in the town.

Governor commissioning 1 MW generator for water distribution in the town

Governor Nathif commissioning 1 MW generator for water distribution in the town

“We have now put in place long term solution to overcome the perennial water problems in this county. The town had outgrown the existing infrastructure and this new genset will allow us reach all our customers who now stand at 400,000 water clients,” said Nathif.

Nathif launches recarpeting of Kismayo road

Governor Nathif launches recarpeting of Kismayo road

The second project involved the re-carpeting of Garissa-Kismayu road which is the main highway in the town that leads to Wajir, Mandera and Somalia at a cost of Sh. 55 million. The work is expected to take two months.


– Additional reporting by Governor’s press service.

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