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Garissa county assembly to open on Tuesday


Garissa County assembly will open its business officially on Tuesday next week.

The area Governor Ali Korane will officiate at the opening ceremony of the county assembly where he  will outline his vision and development agenda for the county.

According to the assembly clerk Mohamud Santur, the governor will have to amend the current budget that was done by his predecessor through a supplementary appropriation bill.

“We also anticipate the finance and the appropriation bill to top the agenda of the assembly to ensure that service delivery is not compromised.

All pending bills that were not passed due to time constrains by the last house will be given the priority,” Santur said.

Meanwhile it has emerged that as Garissa Governor Ali Korane prepares to constitute his cabinet and chief officers among other key positions in his administration, clan politics will be a major determining factor on who will be picked and for which docket.

According to sources, power brokers in the county are jostling to have their preferred candidates picked with the ultimate aim of influencing major decision making and award of lucrative contracts.

Korane will have to bring on board other major clans that reside in the area including   former governor Nathfi  Jama’s Ahulian and his deputy’s Samawadhal clans. The Aulian who voted overwhelmingly for Nathif also lost the women rep and speaker’s seat. This time round Aulian will be banking on Korane to give them at least one or two slots in his cabinet.

Nathif appointed two of Korane’s clan in his cabinet immediately he was elected into office in 2013. Other smaller Somali clans and non-locals from outside Garissa residing in the area will be watching his move.

Korane is finalising the list of appointees which he will unveil a few days before the official opening of the county assembly.

The assembly is set to vet the nominees and the list may easily go through because Jubilee which Korane comes from enjoys the majority.

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