Garissa contractors give county government ultimatum over non-payment as Jama’s brother storms their press conference

By NepJournal January 18, 2016 15:21

Garissa contractors give county government ultimatum over non-payment as Jama’s brother storms their press conference

By Hussein Ahmed:

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Contractors in Garissa County want the Public Procurement Oversight Authority to freeze all county development funds until they were paid.

Speaking after converging at a Garissa hotel on Thursday, the group accused Governor Nathif Jama of spearheading massive corruption in the county by micromanaging county affairs.

Chairman of the group Abdi Nassir said although most contractors tried their best to complete assigned works, they were still waiting to be paid, two years down the line.

“We were to be paid in three phases on commencement of works but we were advised to complete projects after which we will be paid in full. This has not been the case. The governor has assumed the role of the Finance executive and decides who is to be paid and who is not” he said.

The group threatened to shut county offices by staging peaceful demonstrations if the county administration does not pay them in three days.

The meeting was later thrown in to disarray after Ibrahim Jama, governor Nathif’s younger brother stormed the venue to stop the press conference by the contractors.

Ibrahim threatened a Citizen TV cameraman before directing his anger at the contractors for tarnishing the name of his brother.

He accused them of being used by politicians opposed to governor Nathif.

Angry contractors baying for his blood were restrained as he left hurriedly to avoid their wrath.

In a quick rejoinder, the county administration distanced itself from Ibrhaim’s actions saying he in no way acted for or on behalf of the county government or Governor Nathif Jama.

In a statement dated January 17, signed by the head of County communications Yussuf Korow, the county attributed delays in paying the contractors to the delay by the central government in disbursing funds to the county.

Korow dismissed most of the protesting contractors as not genuine saying ‘others’ were using the situation to settle political scores.

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By NepJournal January 18, 2016 15:21

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