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Galmudug state crises

Galmudug State, an autonomous region in central Somalia is in deep political crises, it all started when the state president Ahmed Haaf sided against the federal government in the gulf disputes.

Following his decision the president was ousted by section of state assembly,  Ahmed Haaf termed his removal from office as illegal ensuing a deep political turmoil.

The ousted president declared a state of emergency until the end of 2017, throwing off balance political developments in the state which Saturday night saw a faction allied to him announce it had removed from office state assembly speaker and deputy president.

Efforts to bring the two said were futile after collapse of mediation talks which mediators blamed on interference from the Federal Government.

Galmudug parliamentary committee chairman Ali Gacal Casir denied reports that had removed from office the state assembly speaker and deputy president.

The statement comes as the political disputes in the Galmudug state are increasingly strained, with a failure to reach a consensus on the political parties.

The Transitional Federal Government of Somalia has been under pressure since the controversy over the leadership of Galmudug, which is based on the Gulf Arab conflict.




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