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Galmudug and NISA forces foil attack, nab vehicle transporting explosive materials

By NJ Correspondent:

Security forces in the Galmudug headquarter town of Adado today seized a vehicle transporting explosive materials after a tip off from members of the public.

Two occupants of the vehicle seized at the outskirts of the town were arrested but their accomplices fled.

Speaker of the Galmudug parliament Ali Ga’al Asir who is also the acting head of regional state told the press the vehicle received the load from another one that has since made a u-turn but added security officers were pursuing it.

The seized vehicle and its two occupants were paraded by security agencies who promised more information on the foiled mission’s intended target would be released once investigations were complete.

“Our security forces nabbed explosive materials that would inflict huge damages had the enemy succeeded in delivering them to their target area. We have intelligence on increased militant activity and our forces are on high alert” said Speaker Ali Asir.

Mr. Asir lauded collaboration between members of the public and security agencies and thanked President Farmajo for fostering the same with his promise to reward anyone who helps foil an attack.

The speaker now wants those who shared information that led to the seizure of the deadly materials rewarded by the President.

“We have details of those who shared the information that led to this successful arrest and we urge the President to reward them so as to encourage members of the public to continue working with security agencies.

The speaker said preliminary investigations revealed the materials were shipped from the Al Shabaab controlled town of Galhareeri.

Galmudug State parliamentary speaker Mr. Ali Asir speaking to the press when security officials paraded suspects and explosive materials seized in Adado town on Sunday.

The seizure comes as the Galmudug regional state prepares for its head of elections following President Abdikarim Hussein Guleid’s resignation on health grounds.


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