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Free my people from willing slavery

By Salah Abdi Sheikh:


There are two ways to enslave people willingly and they still believe they are free. First keep them ignorant and second keep them hungry. So, poverty and ignorance are the subliminal but lethal weapons of slavery.

In Wajir County people are enslaved by these two conditions. It is our job to protect our people against abject poverty that makes them dependent on handouts and clan social generosity by providing social welfare and child support programmes that uplift their conditions.

Hungry people don’t think, ponder, reflect or even get a chance to improve themselves. To achieve this we propose child support for the poorest 10,000 households at the rate of Ksh. 3000 per child per month for the first five children. Please note this is something no other lineup will propose or attempt to implement.

Please tell the poor mothers in Wajir County, there is hope coming in the near future and someone is actively thinking of their welfare.

It is our job to enlighten our people. Illiteracy is the worst form of slavery. We want to free our people from the malady of ignorance. An illiterate citizen cannot be a good citizen; such a citizen will not even comprehend the obligation of a government and the right of the citizen. We propose a 3-year plan to raise literacy from 20% to 85%. Our target is to achieve basic literacy and numeracy by 2020. Again, no other group has the capacity to propose this kind of novel programme because freeing the people out of ignorance unleashes a monster called informed citizen that they cannot control. Please tell the people of Wajir County that the era of being uninformed automaton is over. The age of reading will dawn in August 2017.

We have unique ideas on paper, which we will share as we progress. A complete programme will be released in March 2016.

If you are interested in being part of this group as campaigner, volunteer, Candidate for Member of Legislative Assembly or any other capacity, please contact us.

Join us to Change Wajir County in 2017!

Salah is an aspirant in the Gubernatorial elections for Wajir County in 2017


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  1. Omar

    Mr governor wanna be, your maths doesn’t add up. That scheme of child support alone will cost 1.8 billion. Simple mathematics. 10000 by 3000 by 5 by 12 months. You have not provided water to hundreds of thousand, no medicines supplied to the hundreds of health facilities, livestock, agriculture etc . Before you critic idealistically and campaign on half truths be deeper in your analysis. As the electorate we are open to smart ideas but we are smarter than you think…..literacy plan also hollow. With the meagre resources counties are even struggling to put up enough ECD classes and staff them. Dude there are constitutional requirements over basic departments to be funded etc. We will watch. But there is more to running governments than activism.

  2. abdi

    I salute salah for his ideas but he and otgers must realise we not short of ideas but implementation and actial analysis of what is really development…cash transfer to poor people only makes them poorer ..rendering them immobile and collapsing their striggle and shuttering their abikities to fish for themselves

  3. abdi

    Secondly, to improve the literacy level from 20% to 85% is not attainable even if you were persue the model used the Somalia government during the 1978 when everybody was taught reading and wtiting in somali lamguage …so please in quest to convinve us be realistic and set achievable goals ……


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