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Former journalist nominated for CEC position in Garissa County

Former journalist Adow kalil jubat was on Wednesday nominated for the county executive committee position in the county government of Garissa.

The veteran journalist was nominated the position of trade, enterprise development and tourism docket in the county.Adow has recently announced his departure from active journalism.

Other nominee includes-

1.Habon Aden Maalim for the position of  environment energy and natural resource

  1. Roble Said Nuno for the position of Finance and economic planning
  2. Zeinab Abdi Digale for the position of Gender social services and sports
  3. Mohamed Abdi Shalle for the position of Land Housing and urban development
  4. Ahmed Nadiir Omar for the position of health and sanitation service
  5. Abdi Omar for the position of Roads, transport and public works


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