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Floods ruin farming activities in Mandera

By Ibrahim A. Issack:


Floods have destroyed farm in some parts of Mandera largely affecting settlements in Mandera North constituency following heavy downpours in the area for the last three weeks. Several farming units in Rhamu’s Shantoley, Girisa, Rhamu Dimtu, Yabicho among others have been washed away by the raging floods.

Affected are appealing to the county government to intervene.

Kassim Mohamud, senior chief of Rhamu dimtu location, one of the affected zones, expressed frustration over the damages the floods have caused to seven farming units in the region.

“We are appealing to the county government to intervene. The floods have not only seen farming activities come to a standstill but also washed away farming tools and destroyed irrigation canals” he said while speaking to Nep journal on phone.

”Farming units in most parts of Mandera zone are in a similar state” he added

Mandera county executive committee member for Agriculture, livestock and fishing Madam Johara Abdi assured that arrangements are being made to send a team to asses the damages caused by the floods in the area.

”We have full report on the same and the county government is ready to address the damages the floods have caused. We will first do thorough assessment with view of addressing the menace” Johara told Nepjournal.



The meteorological department in Kenya has warned of the dreaded El-nino rains some two months ago. The prospects of such heavy downpour is very worrying since in 1997-8 ,  the last time El-nino rains were experienced in Kenya, it left massive destruction in its trailed. Hundreds of people died while thousands others were displaced as property worth millions was also destroyed.

Areas that have poor road networks such as Northern Kenya were cut off from the rest of the country resulting in lack of essential supplies. Prices of basic commodities such as foodstuff skyrocketed.

The government set aside shilling 5 billion in its El-nino mitigation efforts. Heeding the weather man’s announcement, most County governments have announced emergency funds for El-nino response.

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