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Five members of AMISOM, 10 Somalis arrested selling military supplies

By Nep Journal Correspondent:

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The five members of AMISOM arrested in Mogadishu on Sunday while selling military supplies.


Police in Mogadishu have today arrested five AMISOM personnel and ten of their Somali accomplices in connection with illegal sale of AMISOM supplies.

The culprits were arrested on the act at a private garage in Wakaalada biyaha near the Benadir junction.

Cellphones, fuel, ammunition storage boxes and other assorted military gear were recovered in the operation overseen by Security Minister Abdirizack Omar Mohamed, Attorney General Dr. Ahmed Dahir and Police commissioner Gen. Mohamed Sheikh Hassan Hamud.

Hamud said police were on the trail of the culprits for some time after getting reports of their illegal activities from the public on several occasions.

Minister Mohamed and Attorney General Dahir said the culprits will be arraigned in court after investigations into the racket were complete.

It is the first time arrests were made in connection with such an incident involving AMISOM personnel although members of the force faced accusations on numerous occasions of indulging in illegal trade in the course of their tour of duty in Somalia.

The incident sent shock waves across the Country as fears of the supplies ending up in the wrong hands emerged.

AMISOM said in a tweet that it was aware of the allegations against some of its troops and promised more information after reaching out to the Somali police.


AMISOM is credited with driving Al-shabaab out of the capital Mogadishu and many other major towns in the regions.

The militants however occasionally carry out deadly attacks mostly targeting areas frequented by government officials such as high profile hotels and restaurants.

In the most recent attack, Somali authorities confirmed at least 16 people have been killed and 55 more wounded in a car bomb and gun attack on Ambassador hotel in the centre of Mogadishu.

Two members of parliament were among the dead in the attack which happened on Wednesday, June 1, 2016.

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