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First Somali modern feature film set to premier on Idd day in Nairobi

By Adow Abdi:

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The first Somali modern feature film portraying true Somali stories is set to be screened on Idd day at Liberty Center in Nairobi.

Organized by Eastleighwood, the event will feature talented actors, script writers and actresses in the film dubbed ‘Mistaken’. The film will be staged from 5pm with regular tickets going for Kshs1,000 while VIP will be charged Kshs1,500.

“We aim to develop and expose the talents of this young people in Eastleigh and others from Eastland communities, in anticipation to create solutions to improve the lives of underserved youths and also enrich the community at a large. We hope that through this kind of initiatives, we will change the face of Eastleigh and beyond” said Burhan Iman, Executive Director of Easteighwood.

The production of this inaugural Somali-language film series will be largely in Eastleigh and will depict the lives of the people of Somali origin.

“As a contemporary state of the tele-film work, it will appeal to the target audience and mass and will be highly popular cultural self-projection of the Somali people in modern Kenya” added Iman.

The series will premier with a large screen showing in one of the malls in Easleigh for about 10 days during which its DVDS will be sold as souvenirs with its stars and actors featuring as the distribution and sales agents.

Eastleighwood gives youth opportunities to train as actors/actresses, opportunities for development of careers in writing, directing, producing, cinematography, editing, modeling and broadcasting among others.

Synopsis of the Film

A group of international gangs and Terrorists.  For their job to be effective and not to draw so many attention they hire jobless young men to do their job, the men marry ladies from Somalia and bring them to Kenya but when they reach Kenya, they disappear and never be seen again.  Jamal (Lead Character) finally defies their order and fights for the poor lady he brought in the pretext of marriage with the help of another gang member will they succeed?


Executive Producer – Burhan Iman

Director – Abidweli Elmi

Script – Abdiweli Elmi

Videography – Rage Abdirahim

Video Editing – Rage Abdirahim

Subtitles – Mohamed Amin & Rahma Eleye


Hassan A Salat – Jamal

Anfac – Aisha

Qali Ahmed (Qali ladan) – Deqa

Amir – Amir

Africa – Africa

See you at the liberty center, Pangani on Eid day.


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