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First Lady Kenyatta launches women empowerment project in Wajir


First Lady Margaret Kenyatta today took the message of women empowerment to Wajir where she rolled out a livestock distribution exercise that will benefit thousands of families across the 30 electoral Wards across the County.

She braved sweltering temperatures standing at 37 degrees and dust to launch the livestock distribution exercise at Alimaow location of Wajir East’s Central Division where the first four women groups received camels and goats before the programme is rolled out across the 30 Wards.

Representatives of the four groups-Al-Amana, Maslah Alimaow and Al-Hamdu Women Groups received the animals alongside the Carale Youth Group.

The surprise visit and the hand-over of the livestock to the women groups brought an entire location to a standstill as word quickly spread over the rare visit and equally rare gesture by the First Lady.

She was accompanied to the village by Wajir Governor Mohamed Abdi Mahamud and County First Lady Ms Kheira Omar.

Besides rolling out the empowerment program, the First Lady was also visiting Wajir County to thank the residents for voting overwhelmingly for Jubilee and President Uhuru Kenyatta during the August 8 elections.

The First Lady used the occasion to appeal to the residents of Wajir to remain committed to President Uhuru Kenyatta and vote for him in large numbers as they did on August 8.

“And so today, I have also to ask you to remain committed to Uhuru Kenyatta just as you were committed to him on August 8th.

“I ask you to re-confirm your choice for Uhuru Kenyatta as your President – your President who cares and your President who has promised to work harder over the next five years to bring transformation and development to all Kenyans”, appealed the First Lady.

She specifically asked the women-and residents of Wajir in general-to be peace warriors, not only for the community, but the entire nation.

”So that on October 26th, when you come out to vote for Uhuru Kenyatta as your President, no blood will be shed, no life will be lost and no homes will be destroyed” ,she said.

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