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First floodlit football match in three decades in Somalia

BY Abdirahman Hassan


Somalia enjoyed its first floodlit football match in three decades, the match happened at Banadir stadium, the oldest in the country.

The stadium was renovated by the FIFA’s Win in Africa with Africa programme. First opened in 1956, the ground suffered the impact of civil war since its last renovation in the 1980s.

The match was a month long tournament, 17 teams participated in the league that started a month ago.the final game was between Hodan district and Waberi district, the match saw Waberi beat Hodon 3-0.

Thousands of cheerful fans poured into Banadir (Konis) Stadium to watch the final between Hodan and Waberi.

The match was a symbol that Mogadishu is a city that wants to shake off the negative labels that have followed Mogadishu for a quarter century.

“I’m from Hodan, so I really wanted us to win tonight but it doesn’t matter. The players had fun, the fans had fun. This is what Mogadishu needs” said 28-year-old Ali Mohamud Ibrahim. “Hopefully this will give hope to the younger kids who dream of playing in front of thousands of fans.”

Mogadishu’s Mayor Thabit Abdi called it an “electrifying night in Mogadishu” and said match made him proud of the city.

“Tonight is a historic night which people waited for more than 30 years. I tell you that Mogadishu is secure and people deserve more than this,” Mayor Tabit Abdi Mohamed said.

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