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Fire burns down Isiolo Market




Traders at Isiolo Market are counting losses after fire razed down property worth millions of shillings on Thursday.

The fire that started about midnight ran havoc in the market consuming properties as people watched helplessly.

The fire brigades brought in by KDF could not be able to handle the raging fire and property worth millions were consumed.

The fire whose cause is yet to be known has brought down half of the market to ashes and many residents have now lost their only source of income.

The lack of firefighting equipment for a resort city is a shame despite reports that they had been purchased by the previous county leadership. The whereabouts of fire brigades that the County had acquired remains unknown.

It’s important that the newly elected Governor Muhammad Kuti gives the issue a priority to help mitigate such adverse effect from occurring again. If vision 2030 is to be realised then the City needs a modernized disaster management system put in place.

The Deputy Majority Leader and Senator of Isiolo County Ms. Fatuma Dulo was the first one to report on the ground this morning as she sought to console the victims and gave them assurance that she is with them in this difficult period.

Ms. Dulo urged the County Government to provide modern firefighting equipment to help alleviate future disaster



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