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 Finally, Raila pulls Out of the Presidential race

Hon. Raila Odinga has withdrawn from the repeat presidential poll stated for October 26 demanding that IEBC must call fresh election. He said his decision is in Kenya’s interest and is ‘a win-win for everyone’. The NASA leader and former prime minister said it is only through his resignation that the country will have a free and fair election as per the law provides. However, IEBC told the media that the oppositions withdrawal from the race was too late as he was supposed to do so within three days of being gazette.

Yesterday president Uhuru Kenyatta dared Raila Odinga to quit his bid for presidency and to give room for the country to move on.  Raila has maintained that in 2013, the Supreme Court clearly elaborated the meaning of Article 138(8) (b) to include withdrawal of a presidential aspirant.

Raila said, “The Supreme Court clarified that the relevant article is 138 (8) (b) which deals with the cancellation of a presidential candidate, in the event of death of a presidential or deputy, on or before the stipulated date. The Supreme Court expanded the clause to include when a candidate withdraws from a presidential election.”

“The implication of this provision is that upon our withdrawal, the election scheduled for October 26 stands cancelled therefore it requires Chebukati’s chaired commission to conduct a fresh nomination as provided for in the Elections Act 2011, section 13 (1)”. The provision clearly states: “A political party shall nominate its candidates for an election under this act at least ninety days before a general election under this Act in accordance with its constitution rules”

The fresh nominations will allow other candidates such as Ekuru Aukot of Thirdway Alliance to join in the race. Raila’s statement said IEBC has blocked meaningful deliberations on necessary reforms to ensure the election to come will be free and fair. Mr odinga added NASA has come to the conclusion that there is no intention on IEBC to undertake any changes to its operations and personnel as it is evident that the October 26 election will be worse than the previous one.

He pointed out that Jubilee government proposed amendments to election laws to show it does not intend to compete on a level playing ground. “The only election Jubilee is interested in is one that it must win, even unlawfully,” he said.

Raila repeated a statement he spoke in the past that the Opposition coalition will not tolerate autocracy in Kenya. He also blamed the international overseers who have supported Kenya in quest for good governance and democracy are now on the side of appeasing dictatorship that it will restore stability.



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