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Fairness to all comes first before status- Adow Kalil

BY Ugaas Adow Kalil Jubat

I have gone silent because you have humbled me. I wish I knew I was such icon with the majority of the people of Garissa and N.E.P.

I’m extremely humbled by the overwhelming messages of good will which I have been receiving from all and sundry in the last many days following my nomination as county minister.

I’m humbled by the trust bestowed on me by my His Excellence governor Ali Bunow Korane, who appointed me in consultations with his able deputy and a close friend Hon. Abdi Dagane into a crucial county docket.

I have no word(s) to express my joy. The trust that was put on me by the wider public of North Eastern Region is indescribable.

You have shown a rare trust in me. Your positive and independent evaluation of my leadership capabilities in all social media forums and various community groups which I’m not even a member to for days, after my nomination speaks volume of the high leadership pedestal many of you held with me.

Scores of community whatsApp forums have even gone further by changing their groups’ profile pictures onto that of mine. This is great!

Have I known that I’m loved and trusted this much by the people of N.E.P and more so by those in Garissa County I would have a long time took the role of ambassador of peace and a role model? But it’s not late either.

None of all other nominees across different counties in the region has elicited such numerous positive reviews from you as I did. I promise with the help of Allah, I won’t fail you.

This trust I can’t undermine! I will be up to the task, so as not to disappoint anyone of you.

Insha’Allah when I cross the bridge, I will prove my worth by delivering more than what I’m expected of me. I will offer the best of my ability and creativity to ensure, I will become a reference yardstick of what servant leadership is all about.

I will demystify the big man syndrome associated with this kind of job by not changing my current status to which is not necessary. In most times you will pump into me, walking on street alleys or riding on a motorbike just like many of you do.

You will find me eating and sleep in my usual “backstreet” joints!

I promise to touch positively, the soul of every member of the great Garissa County, through the office I will be holding on your behalf. My office will be open to everybody irrespective of one’s status in the community, religious or clan persuasions and above all that of their political affiliations.

I will be a servant to Allah first, then to you the common man/woman in our streets and then to others.

As a government officer, my service to you will not be limited to the vicinity of my office or the so call working hours. I will be ready to serve you in a streets corner, under an acacia tree and where push comes to shove at my home.

Those who would be seeking service at the office of trade, entrepreneurial and tourism upon approval of the county assembly (under my leadership) will never be treated as intruders but, as an important client.

Staffs at my office will be rated on how best and quick they serve our customers (that’s you) and not any other thing. Any staff that will have no a good custom relation and etiquette will have no space in an office headed by me.

My phone will be open to all. Everyone can call and where I miss your call I will always remember to call you back. No one will be unimportant to me to warrant his/her call ignored!

I will use the office that will be given me to make me among the seven noble categories of people who will be exempted from the harsh punishment on the Day of Judgment because of being a pious and just leader!

My slogan will be simple – “Fairness to all comes first before status”.

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