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Fai sultanate to reconsider their verdict giving hopes of Mwalimu Pekee candidature.

Ambassador Mohamed Abdi-Nepjournal

Ambassador Mohamed Abdi Mohamud, gubernatorial candidate addressing supporters during his campaign trail at a past event.

Sultanate of the Fai sub-clan of Degodia who have selected Ugas Sheikh Mohamed as the family preferred candidate for gubernatorial seat, Wajir East Constituency MP (Rashid Kassim) and Tarbaj constituency MP (Idris) on July 28th  in the infamous Tarbaj declaration are now set to reconsider their stand.

After Ambassador Mohamed Abdi was thrown off the list, the sultanate’s decision faced stiff resistance creating a rift in the family with professionals and elders who did not read from the same script as the sultanate terming the verdict as a biased decision which will ruin family unity.

Though, Ambassador Abdi at first agreed with the verdict, he later made a U-turn after he learnt the process was unfair.

The Kenyan ambassador to Saudi Arabia has since embarked on door to door campaigns holding various meetings with several clans in Wajir County in a bid to request for their support in the 2017 elections, which has increasingly raised storm among his pears.

Mwalimu who seemed to be a force to reckon with after his reception at Wajir County for his campaigns attracted many to his line-up.

This has sent shockwaves across the sultanate who are seeking to negotiate with Amb.Mohamed Abdi who has gained ground support from the entire Wajir County residents compared to their preferred candidate.

Since the verdict, several different meetings were held consecutively in Nairobi by teams allied to Amb. Mohamed Abdi, Ugas Sheikh and the sultanates.

Amb. Mohamed Abdi’s team dominated and outshined those allied to Ugas and the sultanate since his meetings attracted the backing of the entire Fai community and other Wajir clans which gives Mwalimu an indication to win the 2017 gubernatorial seat.

His big strength of campaign has forced the sultanates to embark on a reconciliatory exercise that is aimed at achieving unity in Fai sub-clan after their first selection process has brought a deep division within the community.

Although, it is not clear which candidate is going to be handpicked for gubernatorial seat during the reconciliatory exercise, reliable sources close to Sultan Ugas Najib told NEP journal that, there is a possibility that Ugas Sheikh Mohamed is dropped in favor of Amb. Mohamed who has gained ground support and who is a saleable candidate to all other clans residing in Wajir County.

The source added that Sultan Najib said those candidate who were endorsed during the family July 28th Declaration were not saleable candidates for the positions they were selected forcing the sultanate to call for the reconciliatory exercise to save family unity which is more important than individuals.

Nep Journal reached Amb. Mohamed Abdi’s Campaign team Manager Abdullahi Osman for a comment but he declined to give a detailed story and stood his grounds that we wait for the verdict of the reconciliatory meeting set to kick off soon.

From the time, Amb.Mohamed has showed his interest to vie for the gubernatorial seat; the sultanates were from time to time holding closed door meetings to solve the prevailing situation of the family following their announcements.

Amb.Mohamed got the backing of Members of parliament, clansmen, businessmen and Wajir professionals’ who stand up with him as they believe he is the right man for the County’s gubernatorial position.

Mwalimu garnered 35000 votes without the support of any political players in 2013 election contrary to the expectations of many.

Now that everyone in the entire Wajir County is endorsing him, will he fail to win? It was because of this that the sultanates have made a U-turn on their previous decision and accepted the Mwalimu Pekee’s candidature as he seems destined to win the seat without them from the look of things.

Last week, the sultanate called upon all candidates to suspend their political campaigns and ordered them to wait for the reconciliatory general meeting that is going to be held at Khorof Harar mid this month.

All eyes are now focused on how the sultanate is going to unite and strategize the scheduled reconciliatory meeting in which the rift between two main Fai factions especially those allied to Ambassador Mohamed Abdi and the sultanate backed Fai candidate Ugas Sheikh Mohamed are set to quell.

Many believe that with the current situation of the Fai community, Amb. Mohamed will be the right candidate endorsed for the seat due to his high profile portfolios that include serving as an MP, an assistant minister and a minister among others.

With his integrity and loyalty to the people he represents and to other political leaders, I trust he will deliver his duties as our governor – treating all of us equally.

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